Security Guarantee

100% Secure, clean and safe downloads.

Any file that is downloaded directly from our website is 100% safe, clean and absolutely harmless. Our files only contain those components, which are absolutely necessary for the operation of the program.

There is no spyware, adware or malware in our files. Furthermore, no viruses, trojans or other unwanted software are included in our files.

This is guaranteed by us and certified by independent third parties, so you are always on the safe side and have to make absolutely no worries about the security of your computer when you are running a zebNet software product.

Your privacy and your protection is a top priority for us. We want you to have fun with our products and we don't want cause any headache.

This guarantee applies to all our programs, no matter if they are free or paid. If you download it directly from our website, there is absolutely no danger for you.

We introduced this guarantee because it is very difficult at the present time, to be able to distinguish serious from unserious software vendors.

Are all zebNet Downloads actually safe?

Yes, if you download it directly from our website and not from a third party website, there is absolutely no risk for you and you can run the files without hesitation.

Is there any other unwanted software such as Browser toolbars etc. included in zebNet Downloads?

No, all of our files that are directly downloaded from our website also contain no potentially unwanted software (PUP, PUA, Junk ware etc.) and no settings on your browser will be changed.

Does the zebNet security guarantee also apply to other websites such as download sites?

No, our security guarantee covers only those files which are downloaded directly from our website. If you download one of our files from another website such as a download site, we cannot guarantee the safety of the data as this is outside of our control.

To generate additional revenue, some download sites and some download areas of computer magazines are bundling our files with their own download manager which could jeopardize the security of your computer by making unwanted changes to your computer. We distance ourselves from this but this misuse of our products cannot always be avoided.

Why is my virus protection software reporting a threat from a zebNet Download?

This is a false-positive and can be caused by strict settings or incorrect signatures. In addition, such misreporting may occur if your virus protection software is confronted for the very first time with a zebNet file. An unknown file is a potential danger for most virus protection software products and must be analysed by the vendor before it is deemed safe.

We actively work with all well-known and established virus protection software vendors so that such false-positives will not occur but sometimes it still can happen that a threat is reported although no danger exists.

If you are in doubt, you can of course get in contact with the support department of your virus protection software and ask for clarification.

I uploaded a zebNet file to and it reports a danger. Why?

This is also a false-positive which cannot always be avoided. Please note that is not a virus protection software product but it is a website that relies on the techniques of various other virus protection software vendors in order to give you a first impression of the uploaded file.

As you can see on the Report, all reputable and established virus protection software vendors such as AVG, Ad-Aware, Avast, BitDefender, Comodo, F-Secure, GData, Kaspersky, Microsoft, Symantec, TrendMicro and others confirm that our files are absolutely harmless and prove that they have them analysed properly.

The false reports are generated by the problematic vendors of virus protection software that are in most cases located in Eastern Europe, Asia or in the Balkans and which are not willing to communicate with us in order to get correct reports.

We always try to replace all false reports from the report with a correct result but it isn't always possible for us to get in contact with the problematic vendors to get this resolved.

Nearly all of the problematic vendors actively refuse to cooperate with us so you will still see those misleading reports from them. It's sad to say, but for us as a software vendor there is also no help available from

Therefore, you should always consider all reports somewhat critical and not make a final judgment by them. Look at the results of the well-known and established manufacturers to make your decision but of course, they will also report some false-positives from time to time.

Why has zebNet introduced this guarantee?

zebNet introduced this guarantee because the current situation is unsustainable and therefore, action must be taken that give you as a software user absolute transparency. If you make a decision for a software product, you want to get only this product and not any other unwanted software that compromises your computer and your privacy.

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