zebNet, the maker of high quality and award-winning software, is looking for global distribution partners to achieve success with. If you are looking for a strong partnership, you are in the right place.

Affiliate Program:

As an affiliate, you can promote our programs online on your website or in your newsletter. Apply now for our affiliate program and start earning 40% commission on all product sales. Signing up as an affiliate is free and easy and you absolutely need no capital. (Learn More)

Reseller Program:

As a registered reseller, you can place orders for your customers directly on our website and you will receive a discount between 60% to 80% on all our software products. Signing up as a reseller is free and no minimum purchase is required. (Learn More)

Distributor Program:

As an official distributor, you can distribute our products to resellers, companies or on the retail market and you will receive an individually negotiated discount on all our products. Building a local presence in your region is also possible. (Learn More)

OEM Program:

As an original equipment manufacturer (OEM), you can offer our products together with your products or services in a bundle and thereby offer your customers added value. (Learn More)

White Label Program:

As an official white label partner, you can offer and sell all of our products and services under your own name. Set your own product prices and act as your own software manufacturer within a very short time, without having to actually develop software yourself. (Learn More)

Other Collaborations:

We are always interested in good collaborations of any kind so if you have something special in mind you should definitely get in contact with us so we can further discuss it with you. (Learn More)

Our Partners:

Get an overview of a few, carefully selected technology partners we work with. (Learn More)

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