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Published on: Sunday 3 December 2023 10:00

We are very happy and excited to present our new website to you.

After 9 years it was necessary and overdue to redesign our dusty website and adapt it to current technical conditions.

We had already developed a number of plans, concepts and ideas regarding our website over the past 9 years, but in the end we always put them on hold because we placed the primary focus on our software products.

However, since we increasingly felt the need for a re-design and we had reached our limits when it came to adequately advertising our products and services on our website, we quickly discarded all the ideas and concepts we had already collected and opted for a complete redesign decided.

Now you can see the result.

When it comes to the visual operation, we made sure that the navigation and all menu items are structured as usual, so that you don't need to get used to it.

The technical background has been completely renewed, modernized and optimized and therefore now runs much faster and perfectly works together with our products and services.

The new website will help us to be able to react even more quickly to current technical conditions in the future and also to roll out product updates more quickly.

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