With our RiskIP API you can quickly check any IP address for risk characteristics.

Our RiskIP API takes the needs of e-commerce into account so that you can protect yourself from fraud.

Our RiskIP API uses a specially created and managed database and checks e.g. whether the checked IP address has already been noticed by fraud, or whether it is a proxy and/or VPN address.

Fraudsters shamelessly use proxy and VPN addresses and place orders with such IP addresses in connection with stolen credit cards. Such orders are never paid for.

This creates a financial loss for you as an online shop operator, which you have to compensate yourself and which nobody will replace.

Thanks to a database that is updated several times a day, you always have an accurate result for each IP address and can make better business-critical decisions based on the result.

If an IP address queried by our RiskIP API returns a positive result, you should be vigilant and double-check the order, because this can save you damage in case of doubt.

Our RiskIP API can help you with a simple and inexpensive query to prevent fraud from happening in the first place.

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