zebNet Backup v7 is now available

Published on: Sunday 3 December 2023 10:05

After a long and extensive beta test, we are now very pleased to announce the immediate availability of our brand new backup solutions in version 7.

When it all started back in 2008, we only had two products to offer, one for Mozilla Firefox and the other for Mozilla Thunderbird, both with only rudimentary features.

Over the years there have been more and more and from version to version we have been able to add many useful functions and extensions.

With today's release of the new generation, you now have 17 backup solutions available for all modern browsers and email clients and we are still open to your suggestions.

With the new versions, we paid attention, among other things, to performance. Version 7 now runs significantly faster and more resource-efficient than all previous versions.

The technical background was completely renovated and adapted to all modern requirements and needs. Version 7 is also the first version to support AI-driven backups, completely in the background, giving you the best possible protection against data loss as always.

Of course, this release also includes new, useful and helpful functions that were suggested directly by you, our users.

The internal code name for version 7 in the beta test was One-Core.

We wanted to emphasize that all available backup solutions now only share a single core, each of which has been adapted to the corresponding program.

This means you benefit from faster updates and adjustments because, compared to previous versions, we now only have to make each program change once, which is then automatically applied to all others.

Compared to version 6, version 7 can now also be used free of charge, so that version 7 is also the successor to our free editions.

With version 7 we have tried to consolidate and put together as much as possible so that you as our user can benefit from using version 7 and we think that we have succeeded in this attempt.

The new version 7 products can be purchased now, although there has been no price increase for this release despite increased infrastructure costs. This means that the license price has remained stable since 2012.

Trial and free versions are also available now.

Find out how you can get a free upgrade here.

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